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What is Automotive Engineering

February 20, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering that involves designing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and maintaining automobiles such as cars, trucks, buses, and other transportation vehicles. It includes everything from mechanical and electrical systems to software and security.

In this article, we explore what an automotive engineer does, Job profiles, the steps that can be taken to pursue this career, and the salaries attached.

What an Automotive Engineer does

Automotive engineers research, plan, and design new vehicles. They accomplish this by analyzing project requirements before developing and executing test processes… They can also modify existing ones.


Responsibilities of Automotive Engineers

This can also answer the question, “What are the tasks of automotive engineers?”. Automotive engineers are employed to perform the following;

  1. Researching, designing, developing, and producing vehicles and components.
  2. Using computerized models to determine the behavior and efficiency of a vehicle.
  3. Decide what materials are needed for component production
  4. Solve any engineering problems
  5. Investigate mechanical failures
  6. Analyzing energy, environmental, and safety aspects of the planned project
  7. Interpret and analyze results and data
  8. Organize and carry out tests.
  9. Predicting vehicle or component behavior under different conditions using computerized models.
  10. Make improvements to vehicles in response to customer feedback.
  11. Provide technical advice to clients
  12. Supervise junior staff ETC.

How to Become an Automotive Engineer

Passion and Interest

To become an automotive engineer, the first requirement is passion and interest. The zeal to research automotive, check out the latest designs and always try to investigate and solve mechanical problems.

Course of study

Making a career in automotive engineering and studying engineering courses is also a criterion. Basic knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and English is required. Automobiles can also be referred to as computers on wheels since most of their designs and features are aided by computers.

Then bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering which is a four years course. Students will be taught everything about automotive, from the components, design, dynamics, control, and stability to the testing phase. A degree in a related field such as automotive, mechanical or electrical engineering, production, manufacturing engineering, engineering design, or physics will be required of graduates of master’s degree programs are also available.


According to the organization, a PE license might also lead to greater pay even though obtaining a position as an automotive engineer is not always required, but being a professional technician will help you become more relevant to the industry.

Area of specialization

An automotive engineer could be involved in the following;

  1. The overall design of cars.
  2. Specializing in-vehicle electronics,
  3. Materials and power systems,
  4. Design of automotive components and systems like brakes and fuel systems.
  5. Manufacturing
  6. NVH engineers perform sound and vibration testing to prevent loud cabin noises and noticeable vibrations and improve the sound quality while the vehicle is in motion.
  7. Aerodynamics engineers guide the styling studio so that the shapes they design are aerodynamic and attractive.

Skills of an Automotive Engineer

A good automotive engineer should possess the following skills for efficient output.

  • Strong communication skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Creativity
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Time management skill
  • Strong knowledge of project management tools such as JIRA and Trello
  • Good organization skill
  • Strong knowledge of design tools such as Corel Sketch Pad and ThinkDesign Engineering.
  • Good understanding of Technical concepts

How Much Does an Automotive Engineer Make?

The average pay for an automotive engineer in the US is $70,647, with an average bonus of $3,539. On average, a Master’s Degree is the highest level of education for an Automotive engineer.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Cities for Automotive Engineer Jobs

  1. San Francisco, CA($83,478)
  2. Fremont, CA($80,136)
  3. San Jose, CA($78,277)
  4. Oakland, CA($77,421)
  5. Tanaina, AK($77,204)
  6. Wasilla, AK($77,203)
  7. Sunnyvale, CA($76,245)
  8. Hayward, CA($75,798)
  9. Jackson, WY($75,394)
  10. Norwalk, CT($75,292

What are the differences between Automotive engineering and automobile engineering?

Both are almost the same. Automobile engineering can be considered a sub-branch of automotive engineering, while automotive engineering is a sub-branch of vehicle engineering, a sub-branch of mechanical engineering. Automobile engineering is concerned with the design of automobiles.

However, both are used interchangeably to denote the branch dealing with motor vehicles. Top companies that hire automotive engineers

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Hero motors
  • Escorts
  • TATA Motors

Which University is Best for Automotive Engineering?

  • Montana State University-Northern
  • MSU-Northern, on the other hand, offers an ABET-accredited Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • Uttar Valley University
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Idaho State University
  • Pittsburg State University
  • University of Central Missouri
  • Indiana University-Purdue University
  • The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology

Which Country is Best for Automotive Engineering?

The best countries to look for automotive engineering jobs include:

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australia
  5. Canada

That’s all.


I’m sure this article will guide you in choosing automotive engineering as your career path.

There’s a lot of fortune in the Automobile industry; you can decide to go for the designing, manufacturing, testing, distribution, or maintenance of automotive components field; I’ll only advise you to be a professional at what you do so that you can work with high profiled automotive Companies.

Do well to drop your questions in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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