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Auto Technician Jobs – All you need to know

February 20, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

This article is recommended if you are an automotive technician looking for mouth-watering auto jobs near you.

An auto Technician or mechanic repairs Automotive parts, accessories, or tire stores. Meanwhile, most auto technicians prefer working for large auto dealers in the auto repair and maintenance sector.

These engineers care for almost everything about cars on 4 wheels ranging from minor jobs such as changing a car’s oil and water pump and inserting an air filter to complex engine tasks.

Best of all, auto engineers can work on fuel and diesel engine vehicles. They play a huge role in making sure a car keeps functioning properly.


Although there are many branches of auto technicians, you can also decide to focus on one of the specialties within the occupation.

Some of the specialties include:

  • Automotive Air-Conditioning Repairers – Install and Repair Air conditioners;
  • Auto Body technician – Builds automotive body parts;
  • Auto Glass Technician – Specialises in the windscreen and all glasses on the car;
  • Brake Repairers – Make changes and corrections on brake systems;
  • Undercar Technicians – Align and Balances Steering mechanisms;
  • Transmission Technicians – Works on gears and other hydraulic systems; and
  • Engine Performance Technicians – Service Emission systems to ensure efficient engine performance. Etc.
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Cars and other petroleum, diesel, or alternate solution vehicles are examined, fixed, and maintained by automotive service technicians.

What to Note Before Applying for Auto Technician Jobs Online

Job offers being displayed often vary due to location, and other factors might also affect the job availability rate. You might also need to know basic computer skills since most of today’s automobile shops are run by complex computers and integrated electronic systems.

How to Find Auto Technician Jobs Near Me.

Before enrolling for an auto mechanic job, it’s advisable to know your specialty (Service technician, body technician, technician, Automotive Technician, etc.) and preferred work for proper placement.

If you want to apply as a part-time worker or full-time worker, then you should state during your application although most companies do state their requirements during the application, such as:

  • Minimum year of experience
  • Working times
  • Required licenses
  • Vehicle specialization or certifications
  • Certain computer skills Etc.

Other options to select include Working from home, having No degree, having under 3 years of experience, etc.

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Now, how to find auto mechanic jobs in a few steps.

  1. Go to your Google search.
  2. Input any of the given keywords, “Auto Technician Jobs,” “Auto Technician Jobs Near Me,” “Mechanic Jobs,” etc.
  3. Then hit the search and allow Google to bring up a list of automotive job listings in your location.
  4. You can then filter the result by title, date posted, location, requirements, type, employer, company type, etc., to match your preference.

Once you see any job that matches your interest, you can click on it to expand the job requirements and apply with their available application methods.

That’s all on sourcing for auto jobs online.

How much does an Auto Technician make?

An auto Technician makes an average of $5 – $60 per hour. So on average, you’ll earn $25k to $100k annually.

Price ranges depend on the company you are submitting your job application to. Payments differ depending on the company type – for instance, a Retail, consulting, repair, manufacturing, logistics, wholesale, computer services, Rental, Entertainment, Information, Management, Utilities, and Professional Services industry will pay their auto engineers differently.

So it’s necessary to choose wisely for maximum workmanship experience.

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What are the highest-paying Auto technician Jobs?

Here’s a list of the highest-paying auto technician jobs in no order.

  • Automotive Master Technician
  • Master Mechanic
  • ASE CERTIFIED Technician
  • Maintenance Car Technician
  • Car Turner
  • Car service technician
  • Emergency Car Engineer
  • BMW service engineer
  • Vehicle Maintenance technician
  • Alignment Specialist
  • Preventative Maintenance Technician
  • Maintenance Shop Laborer
  • Lubrication Technician
  • Mechanic Helper
  • Entry Level Auto Technician
  • Tire and Lube Mechanic
  • Oil change Engineer etc.

Although this list changes and might differ based on company experience, it’s advisable to be the best at what you do to beat the competition in the auto Aftermarket.


The above simple guide is the certified method to search for an auto technician job near you if needed.

However, don’t forget to always work on yourself even while applying for these jobs so that you will be picked by the best automotive companies and earn yourself a fortune from your automotive engineering career.

Remember that practice makes perfect.

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