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Canadian Tire Automotive – Shop Tires Online in Canada

February 20, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Canadian Tire is one of the most recognized Canadian automotive retail companies. They were founded in 1922 by Alfred J. Billed and J. William Billed.

Its operation includes other sectors such as the automotive, sport, housewares, and leisure sectors.

In terms of automotive repairs, they cover the following:

  • Tires and Wheels
  • Battery Maintenance and tools
  • Oil and fluids, Addictive, Chemicals
  • Auto parts
  • ATVs, motorcycle parts, and accessories
  • Auto body repair, paints, and accessories
  • Interior and Exterior Accessories
  • Auto tools
  • Car cleaning
  • Truck accessories
  • Car safety and security
  • Trailer and Towing Accessories
  • Carports and portable shelters
  • Audio and Electronics etc.

Canadian Tire Automotive has its headquarters located at 2180 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4P2V8, and has about 1,686 numbers of stores locations.


Canadian Tire company offers some competitive restitution packages such as the potential for profit sharing, extensive training, exciting career opportunities, and so much more, including some available opportunities.

  • Auto service manager.
  • Cashier.
  • Customer service representatives.
  • Auto service advisor.
  • Auto parts associates.
  • Automotive technicians.
  • Center sales associate. Etc.

What tires are Sold at Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire Automotive has a wide range of trusted tire collections with unbiased reviews from professionals ranging from

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1. Light truck & SUV tires

Examples like Moto-Master total terrain APX all-season tires, Bridge stone Blizzard DMV2 winter tires, Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S all-terrain tires, etc.

Having features like:

  1. Lateral slots in the design increase traction in wet and snowy conditions
  2. Stability control wiping and R.Tech construction which has been combined to enhance handling and responsiveness.

2. Truck wheels

Such as the Trail Boss Rebel Alloy wheel, Envy Elite Alloy wheel, etc. Having features like:

  1. Rugged design with a winter-tough finish.
  2. Robust surface finish for all-season use.

3. All-Season tires.

This includes Michelin Cross climate, Moto-Master SE3 all-season tires, Certified Alltrek all-season tires, etc. Having features like:

  1. Evolving traction grooves which protect you even When the tire wears.
  2. 3D Tredlock Tech blades provide predictable traction in turns when weather changes occur.
  3. Ecoplus Tech advances aid fuel economy.
  4. Comfort ride tech reduces bumps to offer a more comfortable ride.
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4. Alloy wheels

Wheel such as CRW GT1 Alloy, Trail Boss outlaw Alloy, Envy EV-5 Alloy, Moko Win 2 Alloy, etc. Having features such as:

  1. Figment and durability made to OEM standard.
  2. Lightweight alloy construction.
  3. Precision craftsmanship, elegant and custom look.

How Does it Cost to Buy Four Tires from Canadian Tire?

An average tire in the Canadian Tire store ranges between $80 – $250. Therefore purchasing a set of 4( four) tires would cost $320 – $1000.

Canadian Tires Environmental Efficiency Tests

Canadian Tire’s independently audited, third-party automotive tire performance testing program Road rated, is conducted at world-class test facilities by professional drivers taking tire testing seriously to ensure safety. Testing tires across all the conditions you will ever encounter in Canada, such as:

Wet and Rainy

Several tests are performed on asphalt tracks covered with water to simulate rainy driving conditions, such as emergency braking for highway speeds, measuring the stopping distance, and deceleration. You would not want your tires floating on the waters; the longitudinal and lateral hydroplaning tests are also included.

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Tests are also conducted using dry asphalt and concrete surfaces, checking the limits of braking and how long it takes before coming to a complete stop. Emergency maneuvers are also tested to understand the tire’s performance when pushed to limits on dry roads.


Winter tires undergo tests, such as the braking distance, acceleration, etc., in specialized temperature and humidity-controlled environments for accurate tire performance during winter.


That’s all. From the above discussion, Canadian Tire is a go-to company whenever you need a tire and wheel service in Canada; you can also exploit some of their exclusive offers for maximum experience.

If you have any suggestions or contributions regarding Canadian Tire, please drop them in the comment section below.

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