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Tiger Automotive – A Complete Review

February 20, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Tiger Automotive is a Canadian-based auto part repair company that imports and distributes aftermarket automotive collision parts.

It is known to be the largest aftermarket auto body parts live inventory in Canada. The automotive aftermarket is a lucrative industry.

Tiger Automotive is located at 286 Venture Crescent, Saskatoon, SK, S7k 6M1.

The Tiger automotive company could be considered top-notch for auto parts in London and the second-largest distributor of automotive collision parts in North America. Their search and ordering catalog for parts provides access to many manufacturers registered under ISO9000.


Tiger Automotive was opened in 1983 and had since been consistently growing and expanding its horizons, taking up more product lines each year.

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All the entire ordering and shipping on tiger automotive aftermarket are paperless and use modern technology to avoid mistakes and increase speed

They also have a website where you can access all their inventories, making online shopping easier for customers.

Tiger Automotive has different classes of vehicle modifications for trucks, cars, and the like under its specialization.

At Tiger Automotive, all vehicle needs and modifications could easily be met, ranging from:

  • HID headlights and installation,
  • 5th wheel hitches,
  • Inbox 7pin wiring,
  • Mud flaps,
  • Floor mats,
  • Running boards, and other services,
  • Remote Starters
  • Box covers
  • Diesel Chip Programmers
  • Among other safety and performance-enhancing accessories.
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Adoes Tiger Automotive aftermarket performs all.

They are a well-known wholesale and distribution center with a vast warehouse and assortment of aftermarket equipment that covers almost anything a vehicle owner could require.

Other Services offered at tiger automotive include

  • cargo management,
  • Electronics,
  • Suspension and off-road services,
  • Towing products and lots more.

While no product or service is without flaws, product failure is the most common cause of problems, but you can always revert to the Tiger repair shop, and they’ll make a correction.

Their duty hours are as follows: Mondays through Fridays- 8 am -6 pm, on Saturdays, -9am -5:30pm, and usually don’t open on Sundays.


That’s all. If you have any suggestions or contributions regarding tiger automotive, please do well to drop them in the comment section below.

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