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Where to Buy Automotive Paint in Canada

February 27, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

You’re on the right page if you’re seeking the best place to buy automotive paints in Canada.

Quality paint is rumored to be expensive, especially for cars, whose expenses are significantly higher than those associated with painting a home.

Furthermore, it’s also necessary to remember that painting requires knowledge, skills, and expensive equipment ( which might cost more than CAD 2000). You must also understand colors, components, temperature, humidity, viscosity, the difference between a solvent and a dilatant, etc.

Also, remember that automobiles have special paint used for decorative or protective purposes. The most popular type of enamel paint is water-based acrylic polyurethane.


Where can I find matching paint for my car?

Most cars usually have a color code on the car’s identification plate or the identification of service parts.

All you’ve to do is present the code to an auto body repair shop, and they’ll give you the paint and help you with it if it doesn’t cut your budget.

How much does it cost to paint a car in Canada?

Painting a car exterior costs between CAD 250 to CAD 950 for a professional auto painter to paint your car in Canada, but if you want to paint the entire vehicle, which will require you to rust and sand the body before painting, then you should budget between CAD 1,200 to CAD 3,500.

Let’s not dive into how to paint a car and provide you with some of the best places to get the best paints in Canada.

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You should also check local paint stores around you; they might sell cheaper than these recommended online sites.

Please don’t fret; I’ll also show you how to check for places where you can buy quality paints around you.

Where to Buy Good Automotive Paint Canada

  • Use Google Maps to find automotive paint suppliers
  • Canadian Tire (
  • ULINE CA (
  • RONA (
  • Scratches Happen Canada
  • National Autobody Wholesalers
  • Home Depot Canada
  • Amazon CA (
  • Walmart (

Google Maps

The Google search engine has allowed many business owners to enhance their online presence by providing the Google Maps feature.

The first thing you should do if you need to buy good automotive paint is to open your phone’s browser and type in any of the following keywords:

“Automotive paint supplies near me”

“Where to buy automotive paints near me”,

“Where to buy automotive paint Canada” Etc.

These three searches should do the trick for you. However, the search result varies depending on your location.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I am staying in Vancouver. I’ve got suggestions such as: “Canadian Tire,” “NAPA Auto Parts,” Sherwin-Williams Paint store,” “The Home Depot,” “Waterside Auto & Paints Ltd.”, “Horizon Paint Supplies Ltd.” and so on that are based in my location.

automotive paint CA
automotive paint Canada

So, do a Google search and buy that perfect paint for your car from any nearby local store.

I suggest you buy it online if you can’t find anywhere to get paint.

Canadian Tire, the largest online marketplace in Canada, gives you access to various paints for your automobiles.

Go to the Canadian tire website and input “Automotive paint,” “car paint,” or any keyword related to car paints into the search box, then hit the enter button.

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Go through the list of options and buy yourself the perfect selection, then wait for your order to arrive in the designated time frame.

Next in line is Uline e-commerce, which offers almost the same service as Canadian Tire. Check out Uline stores if you can find your preference on the above website.

Go to the Uline website, input “Gallon Stripping Paint” into the search box, and then hit the enter button.

Go through the list of options, make your perfect selection, and wait for your order to arrive. ULINE offers delivery on the same day most of the time.


Next on the list is RONA, which offers an offline store in Canada.

You must search their website for any paint of your choice under the paint category.

They offer free pick-up in-store.

Scratches Happen Canada

This e-commerce solution is best if you’re looking to quickly cover a scratch on your car.

Open on your browser and insert your vehicle details, e.g., Brand, Year, and model, then click “Find my paint” to bring out a list of color kits matching your car.

They promise to offer fast deliveries.

National Autobody Wholesalers

National Autobody Wholesalers is one of the most reliable places to purchase automotive paints and finishings.

Visit their website at and navigate their selections, which range from abrasives, body fillers, car polishing, masking products, automotive hardeners, and even car body supplies.

Home Depot Canada

This online and offline presence works together to make automotive paint supplies earlier.

Go to the Home Depot website, input “Automotive Paint” into the search box, and then hit the enter button.

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Go through the list of options and make your perfect selection, then wait for your order to arrive at the designated time.


I suggest you buy it online if you can’t find anywhere to get paint.

Amazon, the largest online marketplace, offers free delivery to your doorstep, mainly depending on the seller.

The above link should take you to a page where you’ll be shown different categories of automotive paints. Go through the list of options, make your perfect selection, and then wait for your order to arrive in the designated time frame.

This is also a go-to website for painting purchases because it sells low-priced paints.

You can check them out by visiting their website, typing “Automotive paints” into the search box, and then hitting enter.

Select from the search result and wait for your shipping to arrive at your address.

That’s all about getting paint for your cars.

Now, there are plenty more sites you can purchase paint from, such as,, Paint2fix,,,, etc.


Buying quality paint is hard these days, so we’ve decided to compile this list of trusted places to buy automotive paints for your car if you reside in Canada.

However, you can go for Urethane Paints because they are the most accessible automotive spray and durable auto paint if adequately maintained; you can also go for majorly water-based acrylic paints.

So, I hope you can buy the perfect automotive paint for your car with the above guide.

Kindly drop a comment below.

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