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5 Steps to Slash Tires Easily

February 28, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Slashing Tires is an act that is punishable by the law, and at the same time, it could serve as the only remedy in some risky situations.

Tire slashing means inserting sharp objects into the side of the tire to deflate it.

While government bodies use this as the only option to restrict a driver’s movement who has faulted, hoodlums, mobs, and persons who have personal issues have hijacked this means to settle scores.

Meanwhile, slashing Tires might also come in handy if you want to reduce an overinflated tire to prevent blowout; it shouldn’t be something that will be done without putting certain factors into consideration.


Without wasting much time, let’s discuss all you need to know about tire slashing, how people Slash Tires, and preventive measures to take to avoid Slashed Tires.

What is Tire Slashing?

Tire slashing is inserting a sharp object into the side of the tire with a force strong enough to puncture and deflate the tire(s).

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It’s pretty easy to Slash Tires as long as you possess a sharp knife or screwdriver and know the right junction to hit.

However, you’ll need to plan your actions and expect any consequences that will come your way if caught.

Things to put into consideration Before Slashing Tires

I don’t want to know the reasons for your actions, but I want to provide you with some consequences you should consider before deciding to Slash someone’s tire.

1. Enough strength is needed to perform the act

Most tires are built with durable materials that make piercing almost impossible, so you must be prepared to avoid taking more time than expected.

2. You could be Fined OR Jailed if caught

If you’re slashing people’s Tires illegally, you’re at risk of paying a fine or serving time if caught.

3. Tire Slashing Emits a Noise

You might think splashed Tires don’t make that much noise, but they do. Inflated Tires tend to make a loud noise when deflated.

4. You could be injured

Taking precautions while splashing tires is essential to avoid them bursting into your face.

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This could cause damage to all your face components, resulting in you being fined after being dismissed from the hospital.

How to Easily Slash Tires

There are several pointed tools you can select from while embarking on a slashing mission.

A pen knife, kitchen knife, screwdriver, awl, and pricker aren’t bad ones.

You can now aim for the tire’s sidewall and quickly pierce into it with your sharp tool while maintaining a reasonable distance.

Now, follow the guide below to slash a tire successfully.

  1. Aim for the sidewall of the tire close to the rim
  2. Stand in between the tires with your face in the opposite direction
  3. Use force to insert the tool into the tires and pull sideways
  4. You can try the above step multiple times depending on the tire’s strength.
  5. You can repeat the above stop depending on how many times you want to Slash.

How to Prevent Tire Slashing

While you’re on the receiving end, you’ve got to find a way to stop your tires from getting slashed all the time.

Tires are expensive to replace, and you must take every preventive measure possible to preserve them.

  • Always Park in a safe corner
  • Utilize CCTV cameras to identify suspected criminals
  • Drive safely
  • Install alarm systems on the car
  • Install motion sensor flashlights
  • Get a Guard Dog
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With all one or more of the above measures adhered to, the rate at which your tires are being deflated will be significantly reduced.

Now, let’s see how to Repair slashed tires.

How to Fix Slashed Tires

It’s essential to know how to fix a slashed tire without seeking the attention of a mechanic.

Follow the guide below, and your deflated tire will be fixed.

  1. Point out the slashed area
  2. Remove the tire(s) from the car
  3. Inspect the tire(s) by applying soapy water to the surface
  4. Seal the punctured area with vulcanized liquid before patching the area.
  5. Introduce air into the tire(s) and check for leaks.
  6. Reinstall your tire(s)

That’s how to Fix Slashed Tires on your own. However, you can replace the tire if the damage is too much.

Resort to your mechanic if you have trouble replacing or fixing a slashed tire.


This article has discussed how you can Slash tires quickly. I hope that helps.

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