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How to Make Car Shine like Glass

March 1, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Auto body maintenance is mandatory; thus, I’ll advise everyone to learn how to make a car Shine like glass.

Most car owners wish to give their car a sparkling and shiny sight to behold, but they don’t know the steps to follow to achieve that glass-like shine. Fortunately, we’ll discuss a few ways you can take to make your car shine like glass.

This article is a DIY article, and since it’s related to the body of your car, it’s often a daunting task that’ll take some of your time and energy, but it’s better than paying some auto detailing shop $100 or more for a task you can achieve from the comfort of your home.

There are many ways to make a car shine like glass, but we’ve handpicked some of the best and easiest methods we’ve tested and trusted, including snow foaming, washing, clay bar treatment, polishing, wax application, etc.


You’ll also need professional tools to make the process faster and more efficient. You’ll find them out one by one during learning.

Without wasting much time, let’s see how to remove stains, tar, sap, scratches, swirl patterns, and grits from your car body and make your car shine like glass again.

How to Make a Car Shine Like Glass

Here are five step-by-step methods to make your car shine like glass.

Snow Foaming

During washing your car, the sponge tends to carry grits alongside it while dragging over the surface of the car’s bodywork. Thus, leaving swirl patterns or scratches on the body, making it unpleasant to look at.

Most times, you might not notice this at first, but it starts getting more visible over time. The best way to retain your car’s shine is by snow-foaming the vehicle at the initial stage.

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You must purchase a snow foam shampoo and a snow foam lance for this procedure. You can buy them from an auto detailing shop close to you or any online store.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to snow foam your car:

  • Firstly, pressure wash the vehicle with clean water.
  • Next, attach the snow foam Lance onto a pressure washer
  • Add the snow foam mixture into the container and spray the snow foam all over the vehicle.
  • Allow the snow foam to sit on the painting for at least 30 minutes
  • Lastly, Rinse off the snow foam with clean water from a pressure hose.

You can now use the above method to wash your car instead of the conventional soap and sponge method, which will likely damage the vehicle’s body over time.

Two Bucket Car Washing

This type of car washing requires you to have two buckets, one with soapy water and the other with clean water. Most importantly, both buckets must have grit guards attached to the bottom.

Grit guards are a layer that separates the bottom of the bucket from the upper section; it creates a section for the diet to lie while you carry out a spotless car wash.

Remember, the main problem with car washing is that when the sponge is dipped into the shampoo mixture, it carries particles of these grits and scrubs them over the surface, creating a rough car body over time.

Utilizing this bucket for washing and rinsing will be an excellent way to bypass this problem and get a perfect wash.

Once you’re done with a particular section of your car, squeeze out the liquids before moving to the vehicle’s next area to minimize the possibility of writs spreading to the body parts.

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Don’t forget to wash your wheels, headlights, and car windows thoroughly.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay barring is a method used to remove imperfections that can’t be removed by ordinary soap and water washing on a car.

Although, you’ll need to run a little check on your check to determine if your car needs Clay bar treatment. If you find bubbles or protruding parts on the body, you must get a Clay bar and lube immediately.

But if the surface is smooth, you can ignore this step and polish the car’s exterior.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to Clay bar your car body:

  • Remove the Clay bar from the package and wrap it in your hands. Make sure it’s well-fitted so it doesn’t fall off while scrubbing.
  • Now, spray the surface of the body with a Clay lube
  • Scrub the surface with the clay bar in a left-to-right movement. Avoid doing so in circles.
  • You should feel the particles getting stuck to the Clay bar but don’t stop until you’re done with a section of the body. Your headlights can also be Clay barred.
  • Repeat the process on another car surface until you’ve cleared all imperfections.
  • Dry the surface with microfiber. This will prepare the surface for polishing.

That’s it.

NOTE: for an efficient Clay barring process, avoid dropping the clay bar to the ground as it will pick up grits from the ground and replicate it to the car. Instead, get a new clay bar once it falls to the ground.

Aside from the above scenario, one clay bar can be used to eliminate imperfections on an average of 15 vehicles before it is due for replacement.

Apply Polish

Once you’ve foamed, washed, clayed, and dried your car, it’s time to apply a polish to bring out the shine.

Depending on your choice of polish, some polish can remove deep scratches, so ensure you choose a high-quality car polish suitable for your painting needs.

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While at this, apply the polish in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth, pad, or foam applicator pad. Do this in small sections, and avoid using excess polish.

Leave the polish to dry for a few hours; once it is dried, use a clean and soft microfiber towel to buff it off, revealing a smooth and shiny finish.

The final procedure is to wax the car’s body to achieve a vehicle shining like glass.

Apply a Wax or Sealant

Waxing is a method used to protect your car’s shiny surface from heat, detergent, and ultraviolet light and also provide additional gloss.

You might ask for advice on the type of wax or Sealant you should apply depending on the color of your car. Sealants are synthetic products that offer more protection than wax and last longer.

Meanwhile, wax is made from natural materials, giving your car a more traditional shine. You can go for anyone of your choice, depending on your budget.

Application time can vary depending on the size of your car, but it’ll be worth it. You can either use your hand or an electric buffer for this. Overall, ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


How do I get a high gloss finish on my car?

To get a high gloss finish on your car, follow a 5-step procedure, including snow foaming, washing, clay bar treatment, polishing, and wax application. The whole process should take not more than 24 hours to accomplish.

What is used to make cars shiny?

Wax is used to make a car shiny, but polishing also plays a vital role in how the end product looks.

How do car dealers get cars so shiny?

Car dealers apply car wax on their cars to get the car to shine like glass. Even you, too, can achieve this with the help of car wax.

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