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How to Drift a Front Wheel Drive Car

February 14, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Drifting is a skill/stunt that requires a lot of patience and practice, but one rumor surrounds this skill, which is it can only be achieved with a rear-wheel-driven car.

FWD Drifting or lift-off oversteer is a technique or stunt usually done when driving fast into a corner. It doesn’t require much speed and depends on your ability to manipulate weight transfer without losing control of the vehicle.

We’ll show you the best way to drift a Front-wheel vehicle and attach relevant videos to help you learn faster.

How to Drift an FWD Car

While rear-wheel-driven vehicles require you to use the clutch-kick over steering to drift, FWD cars use the lift-off method.

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Step 1: Controlled Entry Speed

Once you’re close to a corner, the first thing to do is control the speed of your vehicle to a high but moderate level. This will help you prepare for the turn.

Once you’re 5 or 10 degrees in, move the wheel away from the spot where you want to perform the Drift. This helps the vehicle to gradually accelerate into the turn, allowing the weight to shift smoothly.

Step 2: Turn your wheel to the Opposite Direction

Once you’ve gained balance, turn your wheel to the direction you want the car to drift. This is usually the Opposite of the initial move.

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Step 3: Start the Slide by Braking

While turning the wheel, apply the handbrake to start the Slide.

Once the brake is applied, you’ll notice that the car’s rear end will start sliding. Release the brake to stop the Drift.

Step 4: Control the Wheel and Speed

In this step, you’ll have to use the wheel and throttle to control the direction and speed of the vehicle. This will help you avoid any collision.

Don’t hesitate to apply brakes when necessary.

Remember to choose the right environment to practice the stunt to avoid causing casualties. Also, wear protective wear to avoid injuries if the stunt goes haywire.


Can you Drift a front-wheel drive?

Yes, it is, but Drifting a front-wheel drive can be very difficult compared to the rear-wheel drive. This is because the Brakes, controls, and power are primarily in the front wheels.

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Can you drift an FWD car without a handbrake?

Without a handbrake, you can use your foot to press down the brake pedal while simultaneously pressing the throttle during the Drift.

Why can’t you drift with FWD?

Drifting with an FWD is hard and almost impossible because it requires a lot of practice, patience, and hard work to master. However, it’s not possible.

Does drifting damage the car?

Constantly Drifting a car causes the tires to wear out and creates safety concerns. It can cause your car to summersault or lose control, leading to accidents.

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