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How many Miles can I Drive on Empty?

February 23, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

This article will discuss “How Many Miles Can I Drive on an Empty gas tank?” for those who have run out of fuel with little chance of reaching a gas station nearby.

This is almost inevitable, mainly when your fuel gauge isn’t functioning correctly, and would require you to calculate when to top up your fuel manually.

Most people also get carried away by some issues that they fail to get fuel for long trips.

Nevertheless, if your vehicle starts stalling due to low fuel, you would like to know how many miles you can drive on empty.


This article will discuss how many Miles you can travel further if your tank runs and there are no close means of getting gasoline.

How Many Miles Can You Drive on Empty?

It’s undeniable that all cars are built differently and for specific tasks, and as such, some vehicles will travel farther than others with empty or little fuel.

In reality, from the moment when your gasoline gauge notifies you of an “Empty” tank, most cars are built to continue driving up to 25 miles to 50 miles and even more as a result of the 10% to 15% fuel residue that is still intact in the tank.

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Although it isn’t advised to drive your car until the fuel tank dries up, this could be a lifesaver in some instances. In another context, if you get a full gas that will last between 200 and 400 millages, the gasoline gauge meter will inform you of an empty gas.

This is done to curb the risk of draining the remaining 10% reserve gasoline, but that doesn’t mean your car will suddenly start stalling when the check light comes on.

Without wasting much time, Let’s look at some popular car brands and how many miles they can travel on empty.

Toyota Camry  47 Miles 
Camry  40 – 45 Miles 
Volkswagen Jetta  43 Miles 
Chevy Silverado  33 Miles 
Honda Accord  70 -93 Miles 
Ford Fusion  35 Miles to 80 Miles 

Newer vehicles tend to serve more after the fuel tank goes empty than older cars due to how they’re built.

Also, Most times, the gas light will turn on when the fuel goes below 10%, indicating that you’ve to get to a fuel station before the engine goes off.

It also pays to drive with gallons filled with fuel in the boot of your vehicle in the case of this type of emergency. You can also use empty gallons to get fuel if the location of a fuel station is in a far range.

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Better still, monitor your vehicle’s fuel level before embarking on long trips or leaving your house.

Moreover, constantly running your fuel tank dry will harm your car’s engine in the coming days.

What Happens When My Fuel Tank Runs Empty?

When a car’s empty gas tank, the little petrol still in it will immediately begin to be sucked in with the air. This ultimately leads to the car stalling, probably stranding you on the highway.

Consistently driving with a low fuel level is a terrible habit that may quickly cause damage to your vehicle. Because of this, expert auto technicians always suggest keeping your gas tank at least 1/4 full.

If you always fill up when your gasoline gauge reads “empty,” on the other hand, you’ll need to form a new habit of going to the gas station as soon as it reads 1/4 of the tank’s full capacity.


Do Cars Have Extra Gas After Empty?

In a car, there is a feature called reserve. It implies that even if the car’s gauge says it’s empty, it could not be. Some automakers include a fuel reserve of up to a gallon (3.8 liters) above the empty line.

How do Cars know how much Fuel is Left?

Fuel level sensors are a feature of newer vehicles (fuel gauges). This element aids in calculating the amount of fuel that is constantly available in a car’s gas tank. It has a sensing system (the sender) and an indication (the gauge) integrated into it.

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What to do if you run out of gas and have no money?

You can opt to pay with your credit card or bank app. However, if you’d like to cut the cost of buying gas, you can opt for electric cars such as Mullen and Tesla Motors.

It’s pretty expensive, but you no longer have to bother paying for gas.

You can also consider calling a friend to come to your rescue if it’s urgent.


It’s no news that almost an average of 900,000 people get stuck on the road due to empty fuel tanks; knowing that it is not a good idea to drive empty, one attitude you must develop as a car owner is to always fill up before leaving on a lengthy journey.

How many miles can you travel on empty if you find yourself stranded? Don’t worry, first of all.

Keep in mind that “Empty” doesn’t mean empty! In that instance, find out if you can reach a petrol station around and refill your tank.

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