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How Do You Pronounce Porsche

March 3, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

Is Porsche pronounced ‘Por-sha,’ ‘Por-shuh,’ or ‘Paw-shuh’? Let’s find out.

An argument common among car enthusiasts is correctly pronouncing an automotive brand, and Porsche is on the list.

The German luxury brand was founded in 1931 by an Australian automotive engineer, Ferdinand Porsche. Thus, the pronunciation often adheres to the original family name and is mainly accepted as accurate by German speakers.

Since it’s a two-syllable word, the brand Porsche is pronounced as “Por-shuh,” where the final ‘e’ is pronounced with a distinct ‘uh’ or “a” sound.

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Although regional influences may affect how it is pronounced, For Example, the British pronunciation is ‘Paw-shuh.’ However, the main goal is to make the ‘e’ at the end sound like ‘uh.’

However, what people are likely to hear when you speak it this way is “Por-sha” or “Porsha”  You can listen to native German speakers to pronounce German brands or terms better. We’ve attached two videos below to help you practice and master Porsche pronunciation.


Is it pronounced Porsche or Porsha?

According to German speakers, the correct pronunciation of Porsche is ‘Por-shuh,’ which sounds like Porsha.

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What country is Porsche?

The Porsche headquarters and country of origin are located in Zuffenhausen, a district of Stuttgart, Germany.


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