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How to Remove Power Steering Pulley

March 3, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

This article reviews how to remove the power steering pulley.

The power steering pulley help transfers power from the engine to the power steering pump, allowing you to steer your vehicle efficiently. However, as time goes on, these pulleys can become worn or damaged, causing them to fail.

In this case, you may need to replace the faulty pulley with a new one. However, removing a power steering pulling isn’t an easy task.

This may require you to purchase or rent some specialized tools for the procedure because using conventional tools such as the hammer, 3-jaw puller tool, or a shop press may not give you the desired result, and you will eventually spend more time on the task.


With specialized tools such as the gear puller, an impact gun, or a pulley remover tools set, the power steering pulley should be off in 10 minutes.

However, if you’re uncomfortable working on your vehicle or don’t have the right tools, it’s best to take your car to a professional mechanic.

How to Remove a Power Steering Pulley


The preparation stage requires you to get the pulley ready for removal. This process involved disconnecting the battery, getting the appropriate tools, and cleaning the thread of grime and other components that might restrict access to the steering pulley.

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Depending on the location of the pulley on your vehicle, you may need to raise the car, remove the engine cover, and disconnect the alternator, radiator fan, belts, A.C. units, and other components.

Next, you’ll need to purchase or rent specialized pulley removals tools such as the ratchet wrench, a gear puller, an impact gun, or a pulley remover set.

You can choose the gear puller or the pulley remover set, while the impact wrench helps remove the bolt where the pulley is mounted.

Also, create enough space around the power steering pulley to allow free turning of wrenches and other components.

If possible, you can also remove the pump with the pulley attached to make the removal more straightforward and efficient, but if you don’t need to stress yourself, It’s not getting off the vehicle.

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You can also apply engine oil to the bolt’s thread for faster removal.

Power Steering Pulley Removal

Now that you’ve got the abovementioned requirements let’s walk you through the step-by-step guide to removing a power steering pulley.

  • Set the pulley removal tool to cover the pulley flange fully. This will help give it a full grip on the pulley for easy removal.
  • Use a socket and a wrench to tighten the rod against the power steering pump shaft.
  • Now, use an impact gun to drive the end of the bolt. This should take a few seconds, and the pulley should be off.
  • You can also manually loosen the pulley using a socket and wrench, but removing the power steering pump will take far more time.
  • You can now lubricate the input shaft, install a new pulley, and tighten it.
  • To test your new installation. Spin the pulley and make sure it’s spinning freely. Also, don’t over-tighten it.

That’s all.

N.B: While the impact gun aids in the fast removal of the pulley, it’s not always advised to utilize them on your vehicle as the force they exert can damage the pulley flange. You can make use of a long hand wrench as an alternative.

The removal process should become more straightforward once the pulley has been unseated from the driveshaft.

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And once again, if you’re uncomfortable working on your vehicle or don’t have the right tools, it’s best to take your car to a professional mechanic.


You can use the video guides below to understand the pulley removal process better.


What tool is needed to remove and install a power steering pump pulley?

To remove and install a power steering pump pulley, you’ll need to purchase or rent a power steering pump pulley removal tool; this will make the removal procedure more accessible and more efficient.

Does the power steering pulley spin freely?

Yes, the power steering pulley is supposed to spin freely after installation; this shows that it’s properly aligned on the thread. You can lubricate the thread for easy pulley installation.

How do you remove a stubborn pulley?

Use an impact gun and oil on the threads if the pulley is stubborn to remove. This will create a vibration that’ll pop the pulley out of the driveshaft.

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