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How to Date Craftsman Tool Box [2024]

February 28, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

This article will provide a detailed guide on how to date the craftsman toolbox.

Most of the powerful, everlast, and efficient tools used in the automotive and industrial sectors are made by craftsmen. If you would like to backdate a craftsman toolbox to know when it was produced, then this article is for you.

It’s been ninety years since the inception of the first craftsman brand in the automotive and industrial equipment industry, and the quality of their products remains the same despite the economic hurdles.

For this reason, most people would love to know when a tool was produced before it came into circulation in the aftermarket.


To determine the manufacture year of your Craftsman silver toolbox, take a moment to learn how to date it.

How to Date a Craftsman Tool Box

It’s pretty easy to decipher the production date of a Craftsman toolbox, provided you know the exact spot to check.

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You should also be able to read the serial number and model inscribed on it.

If you have one, the following guide will simplify verifying when your Vintage Craftsman toolbox was made.

All you need to do is follow the guide holistically.

  1. Find the Toolbox serial number
  2. Take note of the first six digits of the serial number
  3. Each pair of numbers refers to the toolbox’s production month, day, and year.

In summary, first, check for the serial number (11 Digits) attached to the toolbox. It usually has the – CM code attached to it.

Take down the first digits of the serial number on the product identification label.

Every two numbers from the six copied codes have meanings attached to them.

The first two numbers represent the production month, ranging from 01 – 12.

Meanwhile, the other two pairs are used to represent the toolbox production day, which is usually between 01 – and 31

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Finally, the last two pairs usually denote the production year of the Craftsman toolbox.

That’s all.

Craftsman Toolbox FAQs

Where is the model number on a Craftsman toolbox?

Check the back of your craftsman toolbox behind the cabinet to determine its model number, usually 11 digits. The prefix- CM can always identify a craftsman toolbox model number.

Who Made the Old Craftsman Toolboxes?

According to history, the Emerson Electric Company built the old craftsman toolboxes, and their tools come with the -113 prefix. In contrast, King-Seeley came later to produce toolboxes with -103 prefix models.

Emerson Electrical Company later bought King-Seeley in the early 60s before other businesses, such as Sears, started diving into the production of craftsman toolboxes.

Since the Craftsman brand was established, the tools have dominated the industrial equipment industry. The Craftsman toolbox from the 1970s was a top-notch, reliable toolbox.

Does the Craftsman toolbox have a Lifetime Warranty?

Most of today’s craftsman toolboxes don’t have a lifetime warranty; however, demolition tools, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, nut drivers, ratchets, sockets, wrenches, etc.

How can you tell if a Craftsman tool is made in the USA?

The craftsman tool production business has gone global, and these businesses operate in their country of residence, thereby making them adopt their specified pattern of production, which is why it’s possible to identify a tool made in the USA from one made in China, Japan e.t.c

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Decipher a made-in-USA craftsman tool using the below guide:

  • Compared to Craftsman tools made in other nations, those made in the USA have the brand name (CRAFTSMAN) inscribed in more giant letters.
  • The handles of the tools are broader
  • Presence of wider beams
  • Plastic switches and buttons are also included with the wrench.

Pliers, adjustable wrenches, and screwdrivers are some special tools produced in the US.


This article has just illustrated how to date a Craftsman toolbox.

You should be able to explain how to find a Craftsman toolbox’s model number, alongside the manufacturer’s month, day, and year, to anyone at this point.

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