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Why is it Important to Look Out For Potholes?

March 17, 2024 | Victor Lukasso

You must wonder why auto experts advise drivers to look for and avoid potholes. Well, it’s more of a warning than an advice.

Potholes are an overlooked threat threatening our vehicle and safety. Jumping into a pothole can damage your tire, wheel alignment, shock absorber, and other components in your car’s suspension system.

This article will explain why looking out for potholes while driving is essential, especially at high speeds.

Why is it Important to Avoid Potholes?

Potholes, those sneaky large holes on the road, may seem harmless at first, but they can cause unimaginable damage to the vehicle.

The suspension system will be the first to feel the impact of the jump because when a vehicle encounters a pothole, the shock is absorbed primarily by the suspension, leading 5o wear and tear over time.

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Here are some components of your vehicle that will be damaged when you don’t avoid potholes.

1. Suspension

The suspension system comprises various components, such as shocks, struts, and springs, which provide a smooth drive. Potholes subject these components to excessive force, leading to accelerated deterioration. Over time, this can result in a compromised suspension system, affecting the vehicle’s handling and ride comfort.

2. Tire wear and Alignment Troubles

Potholes can wreak havoc on tires, causing uneven wear and tear. Additionally, hitting a pothole can knock a vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Misaligned wheels reduce fuel efficiency and compromise steering control, posing a safety risk.

3. Underneath/Undercarriage Damage

The underneath of a vehicle is vulnerable to pothole-related damage. Depending on the depth of the hole, striking a pothole can lead to dents, punctures, or even more severe damage to the undercarriage components, including the exhaust system, bushing arm, shockbreaker, etc. Ignoring these issues may result in costly repairs down the road.

4. Brake System Damage

Potholes can also place strain on a vehicle’s brake system. The jolt from hitting a pothole can affect brake pads, rotors, and other crucial components. This not only compromises braking performance but can also lead to more frequent brake system repairs.

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What is the Importance of Pothole Detection?

You can check our article on what to do if you can’t swerve around a pothole to learn what to do when you instantly see a pothole in front of you.

Aside from the damage potholes cause, they can cause accidents and even take a financial toll on car owners.

Repair Cost

Suspension repairs, tire replacement, and underneath fixes can be expensive. Ignoring the damage or delaying repairs may increase the risk of accidents or lead to costlier repairs.

Decreased Resale Value

Vehicles tend to experience a decrease in resale value if they have records of pothole-related damages. Buyers may be wary during purchase and try to bring the price down to a lower price, impacting the market value.

The best way to curb the effect of potholes while driving is by:

  1. Keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you,
  2. Avoid overspeeding, especially on roads you aren’t familiar with,
  3. Don’t go into potholes with speed,
  4. Pay attention to road signs to check for ongoing,
  5. Avoid puddles since they may conceal potholes,
  6. Report potholes to relevant authorities.
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Why is it bad to go over potholes?

Potholes can cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension system, resulting in costly repairs. Engage a pothole safely or avoid it permanently if possible.

How bad are potholes for suspension?

Potholes are bad for a vehicle suspension because they affect the struts, shocks, and springs, which gives you a smooth drive. If these components wear out, the feel of your car will change.


The importance of looking out for potholes cannot be overemphasized. They damage the vehicle’s suspension system and even result in costly repairs.

Be conscious of potholes while driving and try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, you can report their presence to relevant authorities. This will help create a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for everyone.

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